Travel Theme: Merchandise

Ailsa, at Where’s my Backpack, invites us to share our shopping experiences in our travels with the theme Merchandise. Like her, when traveling with my camera, I have much more often enjoyed photographing local merchandise than doing any shopping. Here’s a small sample of that.


Travel Theme: Meeting Places

Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week is Meeting Places.

Men meet and hangout outside the marketplace in Bamako, Mali. DSCN1058

In beautiful Siena, the Piazza Del Campo is a definite meeting place, where both locals and tourists converge to sit and talk, eat, or just admire the beauty of the place._DSC0643

Young people in Venice, Italy, get together by the water for a beer and some idle talk._DSC0509

Travel Theme: Work


Workers at the busy bakery that sells the delicious “pastéis de nata” in Belem, Lisbon.


Vendor at the Artisan Market in Bamako, Mali.


Guitar-playing vendor on skates works hard selling T-shirts in Venice, CA.

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