Traveling Through Bavaria

On our recent trip to Germany, we dedicated a couple of days to explore Bavaria, along the so-called “Romantic Road,” which is neither romantic nor a real road. 🙂 It is a “theme route” devised by travel agents in the 1950s to boost tourism in the area. It consists of 350 kilometres of highway between WĂĽrzburg and FĂĽssen in southern Germany, specifically in Bavaria and Baden-WĂĽrttemberg, linking a number of picturesque towns and castles, including the ones in this album. Among other things, we visited Burg Harbug, a medieval castle in Harburg; Rothenburg, a beautifully preserved medieval town; and the famous Neuschwanstein castle, built by King Ludwig II, also known as “The Swan King”, “The Fairy Tale King,” or “Mad King Ludwig.” Beloved by Bavarians till this day, Ludwig II was a nature lover and a patron of the arts. He liked to build lavish castles, became a recluse for years, and was eventually declared mentally ill and unfit to rule. He had a tragic death before seeing all his castles finished. I am a bit intrigued by Ludwig’s story and plan to learn more about his life. 🙂


Munich: Beautiful and Fun

I’m finally going over the pictures from our trip to Germany and Austria earlier this month. Starting with Munich, a city I enjoyed very much for its natural beauty, for its museums, monuments, and palaces, and for the fun and folkloric beer culture. I’m not much of a beer drinker but admit I loved the draft beer in Munich.