Traveling Through Bavaria

On our recent trip to Germany, we dedicated a couple of days to explore Bavaria, along¬†the so-called “Romantic Road,” which is neither romantic nor a real road. ūüôā It is a “theme route” devised by travel agents in the 1950s to boost tourism in the area. It consists of 350 kilometres of highway between W√ľrzburg and F√ľssen in southern Germany, specifically in Bavaria and Baden-W√ľrttemberg, linking a number of picturesque towns and castles, including the ones in this album. Among other things, we visited Burg Harbug, a medieval castle in Harburg; Rothenburg, a beautifully preserved medieval town; and the famous Neuschwanstein¬†castle,¬†built by King Ludwig II, also known as “The Swan King”, “The Fairy Tale King,” or “Mad King Ludwig.” Beloved by Bavarians till this day, Ludwig II¬†was a nature lover and a patron of the arts. He liked to build lavish castles, became¬†a recluse for years, and was eventually declared mentally ill and unfit to rule. He had a tragic death before seeing all his castles finished. I am a bit intrigued by¬†Ludwig’s story and plan to learn more about his life. ūüôā