34/365 – “Bee-sy”

I love to watch bees doing their thing. Always so busy, flying here and there, it’s hard to catch them in one place. I get especially excited these days because bees have been dying off in big numbers in California. I often find dead ones around my garden, which is very upsetting. Beekeepers blame the die-offs on something called tank mixing, which is when farmers apply more than one pesticide or insecticide at once. I don’t use any pesticide around my garden and yet find little ones dead all the time… So these days when I see bees busy being bees I have to make some shots. Just wish I had my macro lens on…



365 – Day 70

Spring is Here! And with spring come warmer days, bees, birds, and, of course, lots of flowers! Not that L.A. is flowerless during the winter. In fact, L.A. is never flowerless. We have flowers all year long –including some pretty awesome desert stuff– but there’s never as much variety as in the spring. So, if we keep getting some rain (fingers crossed), soon they’ll all be blooming with full force! Here are a few flowers blooming in our garden right now.