Amsterdam: A City of Canals

Amsterdam is a city of canals and bridges. After a few days walking around it, I lost count of how many bridges I had crossed and how many canals I had seen and photographed. Since I love trivia, I found out that Amsterdam has 165 canals, with a combined length of 100 KM (60 Miles). The city has 1,753 so-called ‘numbered’ bridges, 80 of which are within the belt of canals (grachtengordel). There are an additional 2,250+ less significant bridges. No, we didn’t even get close to seeing everything! After a while it gets a bit old… This gallery is dedicated to Amsterdam’s canals, bridges, and all the water around it! Plus the beautiful views that come with them, of course.

The Brooklyn Bridge

I love the Brooklyn bridge. It’s so iconic. Always so crowded with tourists, locals, vendors, people walking, people in bikes, people talking loud, music playing, it gets a little crazy. It was difficult to take good photos with all that commotion. But once I looked up I was able to appreciate and capture its beauty and character. It was as if we were alone, me, the Brooklyn bridge, and the New York sky.

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