95/365 – From the Train

Left Nice this afternoon by train. Our destination was Milan, where we’ll spend one day before flying back to Los Angeles on Friday. These are iPhone shots taken from the train during the 4-hour trip that took us through several coastal towns in Italy, including Genoa.   

Travel Theme: Colorful

Ailsa’s Travel Theme is Colorful. And what a fun theme it is!


Colorful painting on a street wall in London. It’s signed by “Grems, 2013,” but the signature was too far from the artwork. I like the bald guy photobombing and helping show the scale of the work.


I’d like to meet the man who wears these gorgeous, colorful shoes. In Rome, Italy.


Display outside florist. Capri, Italy.


Never a dull bottle, with these colorful alabaster stoppers. Siena, Italy.


It doesn’t get any cuter and more colorful than this adorable window in Greve in Chianti, Italy.


Italy’s Amalfi Coast II: Amalfi and Positano

These two little jewels are the most touristy of all the towns in the Amalfi Coast. We were there at the end of September, which was still high season along that region. The people are super friendly, speak various languages and, understandably, they seem to appreciate tourists. After all, tourism is their sole source of income.

Amalfi. Its main attraction is the Saint Andrew’s Cathedral (Duomo) overlooking the Piazza Duomo, at the heart of Amalfi. Walking around its narrow streets or just people watching is a lot of fun.

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Positano. This tiny and picturesque village is a real delight, with lots of nice boutiques, galleries, restaurants and a nice beach.

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