Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

When I visited the Neue Pinakothek in Munich last month, one painting caught my eye from a distance. It was Ferdinand Hodler‘s “Tired of Life,” a very large oil painting depicting five men sitting on a bench, their posture and facial expressions conveying extreme disillusionment and hopelessness. I decided to photograph each one’s face separately to capture the artist’s vision of what it looks like to have had enough of life. I found these images disturbingly touching.

Heads-web-DSC_5468 Heads-web-DSC_5467 Heads-web-DSC_5466 Heads-web-DSC_5465 Heads-web-DSC_5464

The painting. “Die Lebensmüden” (Tired of Life), Ferdinand Hodler, 1892.


For Weekly Photo Challenge: Face