365/Day 168

Heartbreaking Discovery~~

Photographers must have a good eye, see things others might miss. Sometimes, when looking for that new take, a different angle, the photographer makes “discoveries,” catching something unexpected. Such “discoveries” may bring joy and pride. “Wow! look what I caught in this shot!” But they may be disturbing, heartbreaking.

When shooting a series of Rodin sculptures at LACMA, I was drawn to the hands of a particular piece. As I started to shoot them from different angles, I noticed something in one of the hands. It looked like a small pile of leaves, or dirt. But as I zoomed in… A heartbreaking image. A tiny little bird, resting in peace, at the palm of the sculpture’s hand. How did it get there? Was it put there by some silly prankster? Or did it choose to rest there, cradled in the hand sculpted by genius? What a disturbing, heartbreaking discovery…