365/ Day 108

The Color “Purplish” ~~

I must have my mind on purple today because I shot lots of photos of flowers without noticing that most of them were purple, or at least “purplish”… Obviously, each of these tones has a specific name, but I am one of those people who have a difficult time with colors. I may call anything between lavender and blue purple. In other words, I am clearly color-name challenged… Color connoisseurs, please forgive me! 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

This week’s challenge is Early Bird. That’s a difficult one for me because I’m always late so the whole concept of early bird escapes me. I am also a night owl, who can never bring myself to wake up in time to see the sunrise. Unless I’m jet lagged, of course, which was the case when I took these photographs from my hotel room balcony in Ravello, Italy.



365/Day 107

Art and Architecture ~~

Today I spent the afternoon at the Getty Center, one my favorite places in Los Angeles. They are having a Turner exhibit and a couple of photography exhibits I wanted to see. Unfortunately, none of them could be photographed. One of the things I love about the Getty is its architecture, which I’ve photographed a million times but never get tired of it. Today couldn’t be any different…