Thursday Doors – 12/06/2018

Doors of the beautifully renovated Shopping Stadsfeestzaal on the “Meir” in Antwerp, Belgium. The building was originally constructed between 1905-1908, but destroyed by fire in 2000. Since then it has been fully restored with many of the original features back to their former glory. Lots of ornate gold leaf details.

Lens-Artists Challenge – Open Sesame: Doors and Doorways

For Challenge #20: Open Sesame: Doors And Doorways

Thursday Doors – 11/01/2018

Yesterday, for Halloween, we went to an area in Santa Monica where the shops open their doors to trick or treaters and families flock to the area for a safe and fun celebration. This is also a very upscale area with beautiful houses and people go all out with their decorations. I took great pictures of people and decorations, but thought I’d use the opportunity to get some shots for this week’s Thursday Doors. As a bonus, I’m throwing in a couple of doors with Halloween decorations.