Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Architecture

In this Architecture challenge, Cee asks us to share whatever types of buildings appeal to us. I am a huge fan of architectural photography and of contemporary architecture. I love exciting, unconventional buildings (that’s why Los Angeles-based Frank Gehry is my favorite architect), but I also appreciate other styles. Here some favorites from California and Chicago. Some are quirky… 🙂


Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, CA. “Deconstructivist” style building. Architect: Frank Gehry, 2003.


Santa Barbara Courthouse, Santa Barbara, CA. Spanish Colonial Revival style building. Architect: William Mooser III (1929).


The Chicago Tribune Tower, Chicago, IL. Neo-Gothic style building. Architects: John M. Howells and Raymond Hood (1925).


The John Hancock Center, Chicago, IL. Structural Expressionist style building. Architects: Fazlur Khan and Bruce Graham (1969).


The Getty Center, Los Angeles, CA. Modernist style building. Architects: Richard Meier and Michael Palladino (1997).


The Binoculars Building (Google’s offices in LA), Venice Beach, Los Angeles, CA. Postmodern style building. Architect: Frank Gehry (1991)


Union Station, Los Angeles, CA. Combined Modern, Art Deco, Mission/Spanish Revival style building. Architects: Johan and Donal Parkinson (1939).


The Norton House, Venice Beach, Los Angeles, CA. Post Modern style beach house. A special feature is the office or the “lookout” tower up front, facing the ocean. It is very reminiscent of the lifeguard huts found along the beach. Architect: Frank Gehry (1986).

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Phones or Computers


Public Phone. Capri, Italy.


Iconic Public Phone. London, UK.

My iMac, at home in L.A.

My iMac, at home in L.A.

My MacBook Air, being used by the very computer-savvy Kaya.

My MacBook Air, being used by the very computer-savvy Kaya.

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Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Three Items or Number Three

I must really like the number three because I have lots of photos with three items! So, here is a “small” selection of “Threes” for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge.