365/Day 141

In Transit ~~

As I travel to Paris, my day today has been spent in airports and therefore my images reflect that. Here are a few from LAX and Heathrow. There are pretty things to photograph in these airports. Too bad most of the time we’re running through them. 🙂

Projections on large screen. Los Angeles International Airport



Pretty stuff at Heathrow’s BA Lounge._DSC0382_edited-1

365/Day 65

Welcome to LAX!

I used to wonder what the “X” in LAX stood for. Eventually I found out that it doesn’t mean anything. Every airport must have a unique three-letter identifier to streamline the process of tracking the millions of items of airport data transmitted daily and Los Angeles chose to use an “X” as the third letter. Now, is it a coincidence that the word “lax” means, among other things, “not sufficiently strict, severe, or careful” or “relaxed”? Just saying… 🙂 I was there and snapped a few pics of the entrance, which is actually much prettier at night.