313/365 – Honoring Veterans

11/11/2017- Honoring the men and women who gave their lives for this country in legitimate wars, and those who died in senseless wars that should never have happened. May this country’s leaders be kinder to future generations. Here are some photos of the World War II and Korean War memorials, at the Mall in Washington, D.C.. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the Vietnam Memorial this time around, but my thoughts are with all Veterans.

Flags around the Washington Monument

World War II Memorial

World War II Memorial

World War II Memorial

World War II Memorial

Commemorative Wall, Korean War Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Soldier, Korean War Memorial

Soldiers, Korean War Memorial

365/Day 315

Honoring Those Who Served~~

Today was Veterans Day in the United States, when Americans honor military members for their services. This monument is dedicated by the City of Santa Monica to the members of the Armed Services who have given their all in defense of the country.VetDay_DSC0668VetDay_DSC0666