233/365 – Partial Solar Eclipse

Today, the biggest news in the US was the total eclipse of the sun. Down here in Brazil, my hometown was the second best place to watch the eclipse, which was partial, just 40.55%. Without special filters or special glasses, and reluctant to even look at the sun, I thought I’d shoot it anyway, using a “new technique” of shooting without looking. Just pointing in the direction of the light and hoping for the best. 🙂 The result was not great but…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

In response to this week’s Photo Challenge —Half and Half— where Ben Huberman asks us to “share an image that has two clear halves, literally or figuratively.”


View of building entrance, from the 17th floor. 


A beach divided, with equal halves. Fortaleza, Brazil.


Half ocean, half rocks. Sorrento, Italy.


Mountain and sky. California desert.