365/Day 335

Birds Welcome You to City Hall~~

The pretty fountain in front of the Santa Monica City Hall building is a favorite of the seagulls. They are always there, bathing, drinking, goofing around. But just before sunset they ALL fly together towards the ocean. I understand most seagulls sleep on the water, so that’s them saying “bed time!”

A Belated Farewell To Summer

Although Fall had officially started on September 21, summer weather lingered on for a while here in Southern California. The temperature in Los Angeles last weekend was around 90F (about 32C) and beaches were full. But these may have been the last days of summer weather. It’s been getting cooler each day and today we had our first rain (more like drizzle). So, it’s only fitting that I bid farewell to warm days of lounging on the beach…

First, I thought I’d declare my passion for the beach using pictures taken around my two favorite beaches, Santa Monica and Venice. These letter collages are a bit challenging, but fun.


Second, I thought I’d pay a small tribute to those lovely seagulls that inhabit and rule the beaches around here. I hope you enjoy the slideshow. 😉

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