WPC: Satisfaction

The theme of this week’s photo challenge is Satisfaction. What brings me satisfaction?

Witnessing and capturing a dramatic sunset over the Pacific

Stepping into the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean

Art! Colors! Chagall’s Blues!

Sipping iced coffee on a summer afternoon, listening to music and browsing though photos

WPC: Transient


Scene. The sun will disappear in minutes, the crowd will disperse thereafter, and that bird will be gone way before any of that happens… 

People. Moving constantly, no place is home. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Weather. The dark clouds over the small town will be gone after the rain.

365 -1 ~~ First Sunset

One of my new Year’s resolutions was to have a go at a 365 project again. It was a hard but successful endeavor for me in 2015, and I felt I’d gain a lot from doing it again. So, here is the first of 365 posts. It’s a shot of the first sunset of the year, taken in Santa Monica, California.365-1-web-dsc_8464