365/Day 338

A Hummer – A Scare ~~


This morning, looking out my kitchen window, I noticed a hummingbird just siting in the water on our little fountain. I thought that was odd but went about my business. A few minutes later I looked again and noticed it had changed position but was still just sitting there, not moving. HummerWeb-DSC_1867Now, I’ve seen hummers around that fountain every day for the past four years but never had I seen one just sit there. They come, they bathe, flap their wings, hover, and leave quickly. That was unusual behavior… So I grabbed my camera and went to another window where I could see it closer. Careful not to scare it, I shot a few pictures and noticed its eyes were open. I made some noises but that didn’t seem to bother the little one. Then I saw it sip some water. Phew! It was well, just enjoying a quiet moment!HummerWeb-DSC_1872

But when I looked again from the kitchen window, I thought it was too quiet. That’s when I decided to go outside and check up close. HummerWeb-DSC_1867

To my surprise, it didn’t move when I approached the fountain. Its eyes were closed and stayed that way even as I walked around.HummerWeb-DSC_1882

When I moved closer, it opened its eyes briefly, then closed them again. I snapped a few pictures, careful not to frighten it. It didn’t even blink.


HummerWeb-DSC_1885I didn’t know what to think, what to do… Was this precious little creature dying? Just the thought made me feel miserable. Then I heard the buzzing sound of another hummer coming towards the fountain. But it changed course as soon as it detected my presence. I decided to go back inside leaving the area free of humans. I looked out the window and saw that it came back, hovered around the fountain for a few seconds, and left. Soon after that, the lethargic hummer flew away slowly. What a relief!

I’ll never know what was happening to that hummer. Perhaps it was sick, or maybe just tired. Or, was it a pregnant female in labor? Maybe the water gave her some relief? And the other hummer was her partner saying “it’s OK honey, the nest is ready, you can come now.”

Oh, well, I really know nothing about birds, I just love them and hope that little one is alive and well.

365/Day 335

Birds Welcome You to City Hall~~

The pretty fountain in front of the Santa Monica City Hall building is a favorite of the seagulls. They are always there, bathing, drinking, goofing around. But just before sunset they ALL fly together towards the ocean. I understand most seagulls sleep on the water, so that’s them saying “bed time!”

365/Day 210

The Watering Hole ~~

They came and went very fast. And there I was, not very far, trying to be invisible while hand-holding a very heavy full-frame camera with a 300mm zoom lens! I know that’s not the way to photograph birds, but I’ve done it before with good results. Well, this time the resulting shots were kind of “meh,” but I am sticking with them. 🙂

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Three Items or Number Three

I must really like the number three because I have lots of photos with three items! So, here is a “small” selection of “Threes” for Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge.

365/Day 58

The Little Bully Gets His Way — This little Broad-Tailed Hummingbird came for his usual bath at our garden fountain, only to find another bird there leisurely bathing. Hummingbirds are very territorial, so the little guy just wouldn’t have it. He hovered around the fountain for a few minutes making threatening moves, until the other bird, clearly intimidated, decided to leave. I took these photos from a window so the quality is not great, but this was such an interesting event, I decided to share them anyway.