242/365 – Brasilia – Architectural

Headquarters of Brazil’s Federal Savings Bank (Caixa Econômica Federal) in Brasilia. Stained glass windows around the entire lobby, by Lorenz Heilmar, representing each of the 27 Brazilian states (not all included here, of course).

Thursday Doors – October 6, 2016

The Doors of an Iconic Shrine

The Dom Bosco Santuary, in Brasilia, Brazil, is a memorial to an Italian saint who, in August 30, 1883, dreamed of a trip through South America between the parallels 15° and 20° latitude south. In his dream, Dom Bosco saw a fairly extensive cove that began from the point where it formed a lake. He then heard a voice say: “When you dig those mines hidden in the midst of these hills, you will find the promised land. This is exactly where Brasília, Brazil’s new capital and the Federal District were built 66 years ago.

The Shrine’s twelve ornate entry doors contain bronze plates with images of Dom Bosco. The front entries depict his utopian dream city. They were all open so I could only get part of the panels. But the doors are just a fraction of this magnificent building. The interior of the main sanctuary is enclosed in blue stained glass creating a gentle blue glow. Its walls are formed by eighty columns that unite in high Gothic arches. The structures are 2,200 square feet of stained glass, combining twelve shades of blue dotted with white. Inside, the feeling is of being under a starry sky. Architect Claudio Naves complemented the composition with rose-colored columns in the corners.

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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Weather


After the snowstorm. Washington, D.C.


Dark clouds over Brasilia, Brazil.


Fog and clouds over Chicago.


Just before the storm. Chicago, Illinois.


Sunny day on the beach. Santa Monica, CA.


Cotton balls in the sky. Santa Monica, CA.

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