Recurring Model

This was the third time I encountered the “Santa Monica Daredevil,” as I call him. It had been a while, almost a year, since I last photographed him. As usual, as I was walking around Palisades Park, with my camera at hand, he just materialized in front of me and I just kept shooting without much thinking. At first, the sun was behind him, so I shot some silhouettes. As he passed by me, I made some shots with the golden light on him and the Santa Monica beach and pier below. Next time I should go after him and ask him what’s his deal… 🙂

Daredevil3-Web-DSC_7205Daredevil3-Web-DSC_7206Daredevil3-Web-DSC_7207Daredevil3-Web-DSC_7208 Daredevil3-DSC_7209

Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

This was a challenging challenge. Not because I never look up, but rather because I look up a lot and have a gazillion shots that fit the bill. Maybe I’ll post several times…? 🙂


Marilyn and some peepers, in Palm Springs, California.


Now, *that* was unexpected… In Dijon, France.


Can’t stop loving this shot. Look how beautifully entangled these trees are…! Los Angeles, California.


Karim Abdul-Jabbar. Someone we all must look up to. At Staples Center, Los Angeles.


Look up and make eye contact. In Venice, Italy.

For Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up

Thursday Doors – July 7, 2016

For this week’s Thursday Doors, I am sharing a series of doors from Chicago’s Astor Street District, a posh historic area of the city. I love how the rather traditional doors are surrounded by beautiful planters with lovely flowers, which gives the houses a warm and inviting touch. Except for the Society of Architectural Historians, which has a pretty door but nothing about it says Welcome! 🙂 ChicagoDoors-WebDSC_9452 ChicagoDoors-Web-DSC_9445 ChicagoDoors-Web-DSC_9442 ChicagoDoors-Web-DSC_9431ChicagoDoors-Web-DSC_9448